Taking Responsibilities

Taking Responsibilities

I am sure, one time or another; we all were interested in knowing how those successful people became successful in both their personal and professional life. Sometimes, we think that they have a magical formula which we were not blessed with and it is all as a result of their luck. What we forget is that they would not share the secret in the first place if it were a secret. Well, the bottom line is that there is no secret to success, nor has it a tested and proven approach.

Different individuals have made use of different techniques in different contexts. Some techniques have worked for some, and the same may not have worked for the others. Yeah, it is strange. Those who have researched this matter have broadly categorized some of these approaches and techniques such as having a chief aim (Napolian Hill, Law of Success), belief in one’s capabilities (Can do attitude), Passion (love what you do) and dreaming (auto suggestions).

Unquestionably, some of these techniques are pretty simple and easy to implement. All you need is to find time and make a continuous, conscious effort. Those who have not been that much successful tend to attribute their failures to different people, society, country and the economy. I think that the secret of success lies right on the other side of this. Think of those who always complain, and assign their failures and inabilities to someone else or even things. What can you sense? Negativity? Yes, but the opposite of negativity, positivity, may not be the secret of success though it is absolutely essential.

There is one simple action that can transform one’s life from mediocre to excellent, average to remarkable, and ordinary to extra ordinary; that is to take responsibility for your own actions. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, what most of us do not do is not taking responsibilities for our actions. When you take responsibility for your actions on a daily basis you essentially become responsible for your life and thereby your future success.

Those who have become successful, undoubtedly have taken responsibilities for their life and that is the fundamental secret of their success. It is obvious that you have to work hard, and be passionate about what you want to achieve in your life. Once you become responsible for your life, everything else comes naturally. Because, taking responsibility is such a transformative action.

If you take a critical look at the present status of your life, conditions under which you live your daily life, relationships you have, what you have achieved and what you are yet to achieve, everything is a result of your actions. When you blame it on someone else, then you know, you avoid taking responsibilities. Your actions create your reality or your actions create different contexts in which you act.

Taking responsibilities is a not just an act. It is a discipline; discipline you learn as a child from your parents during your upbringing. When you become an adult it is already learnt and it has become a part of your DNA.

How do we learn the art of taking responsibilities as children? They say that if you have been valued and loved by your parents, in most cases you tend to take responsibilities for your actions. If you were ignored or not valued by your parents as a result of their busy schedule you tend to learn that you are not a valuable person and as a result of that you start assigning your failures to your parents and then to everything else around.

Taking responsibilities for your action is a discipline, probably the best kept secret of how to become a successful person in both your personal and professional life. Those who have become successful have taken responsibilities for their actions in order to achieve what they want to achieve without waiting it to happen on its own.