Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013

The end of the year 2013 is around the corner. Just like any other year, this year too has generated an enormous amount of life lessons. These lessons without a doubt have helped a great deal in understanding what life entails as a result of our day to day dealings. Given below are the five key learnings that have made a profound impact on me as a person who has taken the road less travelled.

Resources vs: resourcefulness

Probably the best lesson learned during last year is this. We are not blessed with all what we want (even what we need for that matter) all the times. One of the obstacles any entrepreneur would face is not having sufficient resources at his/her disposal to make things happen the way he/she wants. We need to learn how to improvise with what we have got. While accepting the fact that one has to have sufficient resources to make things happen and get things done, what matters the most is not resources but how resourceful you are as a person. Being resourceful is all about your psychological strength and your behavioral competencies. Having a big dream and a strong inner drive are two important elements of being resourcefulness in my opinion.

Believe in yourself

Not that we don’t believe in ourselves but at times people around make us doubt in our ability in making things happen. What we need to remember is people interpret your circumstances within their frame of reference. Therefore, not necessarily you should go by what they say or believe in what they say. The worst thing that can happen is you lose faith in you and your ability in making your dreams come through. No matter what don’t stop believing in yourself as long as you know you are doing the right thing. Stand up for yourself when the rest of the world discourages you.

Extra Inch

Some are talking about walking the extra mile. If an extra mile seems too long, start with an inch every day. Pushing ourselves to go out of the comfort zone is easier said than done. But there is nothing in the world that human mind cannot conquer if you set your mind right. Do what you don’t like, walk towards your fears, and keep pushing the envelope every single day. Daily consistent activities lead to excellent results.

Delay gratification

One of the best lessons I have learned long time ago from the book “The Road Less Travelled”. According to the author the root cause of most of human problems is our inability to delay gratification. As an entrepreneur, small wins are a good motivator. Early successes communicate that you have what it takes to become a great success story. Therefore, don’t be complacent with your early success. Don’t rest thinking you have made a quantum leap within a very short time period. Even if you have made a quantum leap, try to sustain it without gratifying yourself early.

Find a Mentor

Some of you may not believe in mentoring but I do. You don’t need to go by traditional definitions of mentoring. And not necessarily you need to have only one mentor. You can have a few mentors to share their accumulated wisdom based on different areas. When you select a mentor don’t just go buy their expertise. Look for someone who is genuinely interested in helping you to realize your true potential. Not necessarily your mentor has to be an old person with gray hair. Your mentor could be one of your peers who is matured enough and with sufficient experience to guide you. If you are an entrepreneur don’t forget to widen your horizon through a network of mentors or personal advisory board. Because, you may be extremely busy pushing things hard day and night with a less social interaction.

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