Planning your training for 2013

I hear lots of HR practitioners these days are planning their organization’s training for 2013. This is just to remind you that BrainHR has a range of new training courses/programs and will also continue with the popular programs from 2012.

There are two new categories for 2013, offering key business skills training for HR and people managers. While we intend to conduct a number of public programs, all programs can be customized and delivered in-house to ensure relevance for your organization’s business realties and objectives. If you did not receive our training directory, please contact

Given below are the three new categories we offer for 2013.

HR essentials

  1. Internal HR consulting skills – Explore the skills, tools and frameworks that HR professionals require to effectively embrace internal consulting.
  2. Workforce planning essentials – Uses a five step planning model to manage the challenges of planning
  3. Investigating workplace misconduct – Builds skills to assess complaints, gather information and make critical decisions that affect employees.

People Essentials

  1. Managing People performance – Makes the link between performance management and performance development, and reinforce both functions as a key requirement for effective managers
  2. Interviewing skills for line managers – Offers a strategic and informed approach to the interview and selection process

Business Essentials

  1. Presenting with impact – Learning how to clarify your message, manage your emotional state and present powerfully to motivate, influence, entertain and inspire your customers, bosses, co-workers and stakeholders.

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